JuicyWin.com is supplying the chance to
WIN Samsung Galaxy S6
JuicyWin.com is supplying the chance to
WIN Samsung Galaxy S6
Winners EVERY FRIDAY! Enter today for your chance to WIN the prize!
*JuicyWin.com is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks,
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Age 16 or over. This is a subscription service that will cost £4.50 per week until you send STOP to 82888 to unsubscribe at any time (other comps may operate on a different number, you must reply to the 5 digit shortcode you are receiving messages from). Accepted payment is via the 5 digit premium rate shortcode that delivers the weekly question. This is a digital entry to a weekly competition with the first entry being made in the draw on the next falling Friday and as such a 14 day return and refund facility does not exist. Confirming an entry on this site implies consent to and acknowledgement of this fact. UK Players only. Enter today for a chance to win your choice of either a new iPhone 6s, Apple Watch 38mm, Samsung Galaxy S6 or £500 cash every week! If you stop within 24 hours of entering you will not receive any premium rate charges but your entry will remain valid for the first week's draws. PLUS, we'll give you six lucky numbers so that you can take part in our new weekly £250,000 draw. You are entered into our £250,000 draw each week for just entering or being a subscriber! (No match to our bonus draw means the prize is held over until the next week). Here's how it works: Enter your number carefully on this website and you will be prompted to confirm your entry. Follow the instructions you receive on screen and on your phone via text to confirm that you would like to enter the competition. The subscription sends you a question each week to give you a chance of winning an iPhone 6s 16GB, Apple watch 38mm Stainless steel case with sports band, Samsung Galaxy S6 or £500 cash every week. All correct entries go into a draw each Friday where one correct entrant will be selected at random to win their choice of these prizes. You can stop at any point, by sending stop to 82888 or follow the instructions you will receive on your phone. The weekly draws close at midday Friday each week. The new weekly draw entry period starts immediately afterwards.*Weekly entry to the £250k bonus draw continues for the subscription duration. We may send promotional messages about our services. Ts and Cs apply, so please read them! Entry implies acceptance of the Ts & Cs and confirmation that you are the bill payer, or have the bill payer’s permission. This JuicyWin promotion is independent from all brands featured. For full details of the draw, please click on our Full Terms & Conditions JuicyWin.com is a brand of SB7 Mobile Ltd, PO Box M0137, 265-269 Kingston Rd, London. SW19 3NW. Helpline or to opt out of promotional messages: 0330 134 0181.
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The weekly comp & bonus draw close at midday Friday each week with the new entry period starting immediately afterwards. Send stop to 82888 to unsubscribe at any time. If you send stop within 24 hours of entering you will not be charged but your entry will remain valid for the first week's draw. Helpline: 0330 134 0181.

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